Current Open Positions

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PositionRequisition CodeDirectorateLocation
Software Engineer, Machine Learning2018-014-RDLRadar LabLexington, MA
Sr. Radar Systems Engineer2018-015-RDLRadar LabLexington, MA
Machine Learning Research Scientist - Machine Learning Lab2018-018-OICOpen Innovation CenterBeavercreek, OH
Machine Learning Research Scientist2018-019-OICOpen Innovation CenterLexington, MA
Machine Learning Research Scientist2018-020-OICOpen Innovation CenterCrystal City, VA
Machine Learning Research Scientist2018-021-OICOpen Innovation CenterNew York, NY
Machine Learning Research Scientist - Machine Learning Lab2018-028-OICOpen Innovation CenterBeavercreek, OH
Signal Processing Engineer2018-058-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
Security Specialist2018-063-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsWright-Patterson AFB, OH
Software Developer - Senior(Remote)2019-001-MDLMAD LabCentreville, VA
Program Manager2019-001-RDLRadar LabLexington, MA
Talent Acquisition Manager2019-002-HRRHuman ResourcesCrystal City, VA
Office Manager2019-002-SCRSecurity & FacilitiesCentreville, VA
Marketing and Communications Specialist2019-002-STCStrategic CommunicationsArlington, VA
Senior Recruiter (Temporary)2019-003-HRRHuman Resources
Research Scientist - Adversarial Al2019-003-OICOpen Innovation CenterBeavercreek, OH
Boston Opportunities (AFLCMC)2019-003-RDLRadar LabLexington, MA
Ultrasound Research Scientist2019-004-BIOBiomedical EngineeringNew York, NY
Human Resources Assistant2019-004-HRRHuman ResourcesCrystal City, VA
Radar Systems Engineer2019-004-RDLRadar LabColorado Springs, CO
Senior Security Specialist2019-005-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsWright-Patterson AFB, OH
Software and Systems Engineering Intern2019-005-RDLRadar LabLexington, MA
Software Developer2019-007-RDLRadar LabLexington, MA
Office Management Support2019-008-AREAirborne Reconnaissance SystemsGreenville, TX
Programmer Analyst2019-008-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsWright-Patterson AFB, OH
Senior Software Systems Engineer2019-008-MDLMAD LabCentreville, VA
Program Manager III2019-008-RDLRadar LabLackland AFB TX
Mission Level Modeling Analyst2019-009-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsWright-Patterson AFB, OH
Software Engineer Lead2019-009-RDLRadar LabLexington, MA
Satellite Software Engineer2019-010-MDLMAD LabCentreville, VA
Database Manager lll2019-010-RDLRadar LabLackland AFB TX
Software Developer - Entry / Early Career2019-011-MDLMAD LabCentreville, VA
Software Development/Testing Intern2019-012-MDLMAD LabCentreville, VA
Software Engineers - Level II & III2019-012-RDLRadar LabLackland AFB TX
System Engineers - Level I, II & III2019-013-RDLRadar LabLackland AFB TX
Software Engineers - Level II & III2019-014-RDLRadar LabLexington, MA
System Engineers - Level I, II & III2019-015-RDLRadar LabLexington, MA
Program Integration Subject Matter Expert (SME)2019-016-RDLRadar LabLexington, MA
Signal Processing Engineer2019-018-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
Acquisition Strategy and Documentation Subject Matter Expert2019-018-RDLRadar LabLexington, MA
Modeling and Simulation Developer2019-019-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
Electrical and Systems Engineering Internship2019-019-RDLRadar LabLexington, MA
Software/Integration Systems Engineer2019-020-RDLRadar LabColorado Springs, CO
Program Manager - Theatre Deployable Communications (TDC) Program2019-021-RDLRadar LabWarner Robins AFB, GA
CEM Programmer2019-022-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsWright-Patterson AFB, OH
Japanese Area Specialist SME2019-023-RDLRadar LabTokyo, Japan
Sr. Software Defined Radio Engineer - Expert2019-024-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
Software Defined Radio Systems Engineer - Mid Level2019-026-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
Software Defined Radio Engineer2019-027-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
Software Engineer2019-030-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsWright-Patterson AFB, OH
Embedded Systems Engineer2019-031-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
Software Developer2019-035-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsWright-Patterson AFB, OH
Cybersecurity Researcher2019-036-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsWright-Patterson AFB, OH
Mission Engineer2019-037-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
C++ Software Design Engineer - Entry Level2019-038-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
DIRSIG Verification and Validation SME2019-039-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsCrystal City, VA
C++ Engineer2019-040-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
Network Simulation Engineer2019-041-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsWright-Patterson AFB, OH
DIRSIG/MODTRAN Scientist2019-042-EGREngineering & Support SolutionsArlington, VA
Program Support, Prototyping2019-047-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsMountain View, CA
Data Software Architect2019-049-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsMountain View, CA
Geospatial Intelligence Analyst, Senior2019-066-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsCharlottesville, VA
SAR Engineer2019-070-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
Systems Administrator2019-072-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsWright-Patterson AFB, OH
RF Systems Modeling (Entry Level)2019-078-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
Advisory & Assistance Support Chief Scientist2019-079-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsWright-Patterson AFB, OH
Scientist2019-093-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsSpringfield, VA
Data Scientist2019-094-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsSpringfield, VA
Computer Scientist2019-095-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsSpringfield, VA
Software Engineer2019-096-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsSpringfield, VA
Software Engineer2019-097-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
Commercial Engagement Subject Matter Expert (SME)2019-098-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsMountain View, CA
Intern – Scientific, Technical, Engineering, Mathematic (STEM)2019-101-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsWright-Patterson AFB, OH
Software Engineer2019-102-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsPatrick AFB, FL
Acquisitions Subject Matter Expert (SME)2019-103-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsPatrick AFB, FL
Systems Engineer2019-104-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsPatrick AFB, FL
Operations Research Analyst2019-105-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsPatrick AFB, FL
Operations Research Analyst2019-108-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsPatrick AFB, FL
Software Engineer2019-109-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsPatrick AFB, FL
Software / Systems Integrator2019-114-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
Customer Service Specialist / Office Manager2019-119-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsChampaign, IL
Project Manager - OPIR Subject Matter Expert2019-120-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsBuckley AFB, CO
Software Design Engineer2019-121-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
Machine Learning Software Engineer2019-125-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsWright-Patterson AFB, OH
Machine Learning Engineer2019-126-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsWright-Patterson AFB, OH
Senior Imagery Scientist2019-127-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsCharlottesville, VA
SAR Image Scientist2019-128-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsCharlottesville, VA
Contract Support Specialist2019-129-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
Contract Support Specialist2019-130-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsCentreville, VA
Data Scientist2019-132-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsWright-Patterson AFB, OH
Human Systems Subject Matter Expert2019-134-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsMountain View, CA
Senior Intelligence Operations/Systems Subject Matter Expert2019-136-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsWright-Patterson AFB, OH
Planning, Programming, and Budget Analyst2019-138-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsBuckley AFB, CO
Systems Administrator2019-139-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsBeavercreek, OH
Systems Engineer2019-140-INTIntelligence & Defense SolutionsBeavercreek, OH